Monday, November 12, 2012

Hapless Blogger at work

Well, I'm not too diligent about this, obviously! I have a lot of interesting interactions, but none of them posted. Too old fashioned, I guess. It doesn't suit my concept of personal privacy.
  In case you popped in here for some reason, here's what's happening at the Portland Gurukula:

We begin a study of That Alone, The Core of Wisdom, Narayana Guru and Nitya's spiritual masterpiece, today in Portland. You can participate from your home computer, or read about it, just by asking me at Or come in person if you live near Portland, Oregon.
A retired college professor in Hawaii just sent a note prefaced by, "To say that I am a fan of That Alone is an enormous understatement. It is, in my estimation, the most profound text I’ve ever run across." A large percentage of those who read it agree with him.
We'd love to have you join us in this exploration.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

KSD news

Some current events:
I just completed another interview, which will appear on on June 1.
I've been contacted by to possibly do an audio book version of KSD. There are some interesting titles there you might want to check out.
I've agreed to a talk at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on October 2. Tell your Detroit area friends for me.
Lastly, I'll have a booth at Wordstock and hopefully be doing a reading there, Portland, Oct 11-14.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Time is flying, and outdistancing me rapidly. Not too surprising! I'm a plodder, but at least I'm persistent.

Apparently I can't make links happen here, but you can find working ones on my website:
The video link requires a free software download, but I will attempt to put it on You Tube for those who don't want to go that far. It's worth skipping the first five minutes, too.

Readings and Interviews

Events, as of now:
March 8 - Planetary Spirit internet radio broadcast, 1 PM Eastern:
March 18 - KBOO radio interview, 8:30-9:00 AM. --  90.7 FM or online

March 29 - Portland - Powell's Hawthorne, 7:30 PM
March 30 - Astoria Or. - Lucy's Books, 7:00 PM

April 6 - 50 year anniversary of the Good Friday Experiment!
April 7 - Seattle - East West, 7:00 PM
April 8 - Bellingham, Wa. - Village Books, 4:00 PM
April 19 - Mountain View, Ca. - East West Bookstore, 7:30 PM

Friday, January 27, 2012

TV interview

Here it is!

Well sure, it's cable, sure to be seen by only five or six couch potatoes who are too stoned to operate the remote. But you can watch it at your leisure on the web. It's an hour long, with the first half as bio questions and the second half about the Bhagavad Gita and my book. This will have to do until I find time to write a blog post about the book and my reading at Powell's Hawthorne on March 29, as Anne requested. Either life is shockingly full or I'm extremely inefficient. Or both. But I'll get to it, I swear!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

We might be able to make this blog interesting by discussing questions of spiritual/psychological moment. I specialize in practical applications of the principles of nonduality. For instance, wisdom yoga is the pairing of opposite tendencies in the mind, which cancels them out, revealing deeper levels of consciousness. Ordinarily we fixate on one side or the other of any polarity. This causes serious imbalances, individually and globally. The teaching of the Gita is to bring the sides together, revealing the Absolute as Nataraja Guru put it, or at least maximizing our understanding of the situation. I can attest that putting this into practice changes a person's life for the better, often dramatically.
  I imagine I'll be blogging to myself for awhile, so until you join in I'll relate some of the examples I run across in my interactions with friends. I already have several email conversations going, and I've often thought it was a shame I couldn't share the insights we've discovered. This might be a way to do just that. Not all our questions need to be private. Or you can pretend they are about a friend of yours.